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119 Ludlow St New York, NY 10002

Location Information

The Yummiewear + Thirteen Fit Apparel LIVE

SaturdayDec 1 2018 @ 9 AM - 7 PM

The Yummiewear + Thirteen Fit Apparel will be hosting an empowering dressing room in our pop-up which will be equipped with a note card, a polaroid camera and a black sharpie. Inside, women will confront themselves in the mirror documenting their experience with a photo and a written love message about their body to post on the walls. Pictures and messages will be shared on social media to celebrate each women’s body and to empower other women who may be struggling to do the same.

It is important to acknowledge your body’s beauty at any age, but the truth is that body positivity starts at youth and we need to build that foundation for young women right from the start to make a true change. To do this, we will also be working directly with the Movemeant Foundation during this event; 10% of each sale will go to helping the foundation provide body positive experiences through fitness and physical activity that help girls feel empowered in their own skin.